Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring is aTime for Digging

"I have not written here for what seems like a year now. Life has taken on a strange sense about it's Self. Living has become much more than merely the spiritual path I knew it to be. There is an embraceable turn and twist in the wind. Embraceable by those of us who care to dig in rabbit holes and our own souls to see what lies beneath the slumbering soil. It is a space in which it does not always lend itself well to being understood however ... that is not the poet's purpose. I read by a blind lantern and feel my way along the walls these days with a touch unlike any other I have employed before. How to be exact, I am not sure. In these actions, I assure the present in iron clad shackles struck to the chamber in which they are set, admiring the window beyond. It is a self inflicted safety zone ... cuddled in moments ... other times glared upon. Still, it is embedded in that wall all the same. Spring will come. I will break free of these mind traps, and join the warmth in the window panes ... along side the realization."

The above lines have been sitting in a draft note here on this blog since the last time I wrote a syllable of poetry or whatever it is I write on this blog. As I read these words I realize how very true they are in describing winter's long, detached, and reclusive nature. Yet, Spring is a time for digging and I am feeling the worms turn deep in my guts making their way to the surface of my skin. My journey has been one of great introspection over the last few months. A voice has begun to speak with cause and in tones I am not sure even I am ready for. I am thought to be many things ... I am known to be a few. 

I know I am at a crossroads in life. Standing bare in the passage ways a writer takes when they begin to see the world and Self in a light which is far different than they have seen, until this point is reached if it ever is, in their spiritual and human journey here on this Earth. In some moments I have found fear and others joy beyond words, past what I could write or make reason to another with. I am going to try ... put it out there, so to speak ... fly or flounder it matters not. 

I believe we must find a way to Be beyond that window and remain unshackled even if we are crawling in the darkness from time to time for as we begin to learn to process the sacred love of self ... this is all good and well progress especially when the most astonishing things begin to emerge in our mirrors. Those very things we are so weary of looking at that we cant turn away any longer because they have become a fascination, a pathway to Self truth and understanding.  Life becomes this much more intriguing the wider we open ourselves to it's journey.   
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