Sunday, June 16, 2013

Word Play

Word Play...
I have started a new exercise to get me back into the limber state of writing on a daily basis. My life and I have been going through a great many changes over the last year. Finally, it seems, knock on wood, I may be settled for a time ... This new discipline started with "The Difficult Word Dictionary". The words aren't necessarily all that difficult, they are however a bit clever on the mind when you try to work them into a poem or half a page of expression. So, this is what I do for mental gymnastics at the moment. I open "The Difficult Word Dictionary" to a random page and which ever word pops off the page at me is the assignment. I then couple it with whatever is happening in my present environment, smells, songs on the radio, food being consumed, activity, names, animals, get the idea. When I have a good little list of words I flesh out a poem or short telling and the only rule is I have to use all of the words I wrote down. The key is to not be resistant while the words are flowing into you during the first half of the exercise. It is not easy to not filter them in this stage. I found the first few times fun then my intellectual prowess began to want to ride the Merry-Go-Round also and it had a way of picking and choosing far too carefully what it let through. I was writing before the choosing process was complete and during the time when randomness was to be the key to creative mayhem. I do this everyday now at least once. Some of these works will be seen here and some may not though I suppose if I were to be true to the process I should really publish the awful one's also. This is not how I write on a normal basis. My writing comes from somewhere else completely. Yet, I find this to be grounding and it certainly stretches my dendrites which I believe is good for every writer. I'd love to read anyone else if they practice this and hear if it is helpful to them.
Shiny Sunday,
Carla Dawn    
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