Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Renewal Time Again ...

Each year on my birthday I take down the poems of the previous year and add them to the swelling folders in the file cabinet. This year I spent this day in the hospital with my father who had been admitted for having TIAs, mini strokes. In the end after a week of tests, he had surgery and is now home recovering. In a way it was a rites of passage for me. I was watching a parent slip away so close to death. So close to the ultimate lose. It affects the being, the Self, the spiritual core of a person. Who knows what the new year will bring. How will I write ? How do I see the world now ? Who am I after this experience ? We shall see. I am to begin by taking this blog down once again and preparing all my work from the last three years, what is worth sharing that is, into eBook for the Christmas season. I will post links and you can always find them on Twitter, Facebook, any of my pages. I hope your Autumn is full of colour and a smooth transition into the quiet contemplation of the Yuletide Season... Bright Blessings, Carla Dawn

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Books I have Read ... Book Review

Books I have read
Book Reviews

I began reading this book, "Leap the Wild Water"by Jenny Lloyd, without much of a notion as to it's cause or meaning. I like to go into adventures in life blindly. You are unprepared in this way. I believe you learn more feeling, smelling, and tasting your way through. You are open to the challenges, the blessings, the journey of life from the heart, rather than from the head. It just so happens, I was correct in my approach when delving into the Wild Waters of Jenny Lloyd's first novel. This is the spirit in which she offers the reader the journey through the Welsh countryside and the lives of her characters. A passageway through the heart by way of cloisters we all must navigate in life, the head. 

Her story is brilliantly told. I would suggest her work to any reader from any walk of life as the strands of fellowships are easily felt with these masterfully presented characters. She brings into both sharp and subtle view the issues we face in familial relationships having such pathways come to us all. Our ability to overcome collective transgressions and their difficulties may largely depend on our abilities to cope with our own. In the use of her craft, Jenny Lloyd, gifts us a brilliantly told tale with powerful deliverance giving the landscape and atmosphere as much breadth as the characters themselves. This is a wondrous device marrying the human factor with the wild flowers and farm livestock alike which seem to both be substance for the soul. In this way she has brought about a true vision of the life and struggles faced by our antecedents no matter for hence they originated. In this marriage of the landscape, the air, the rain, the storm of sky, and soul, Lloyd blends her characters emotional crisis to these very forces of nature. The struggles they faced daily are gracefully imparted to the modern reader. We once were a more simple belonging child to the natural, more humble, though somewhat even less brutal, worldly order which recognized we did belong as well to it, unlike today.

If you seek for self or wish to learn the struggle of your ancestors. Read this book. I am a woman arriving at middle age. This book has done wonders for me to assure my arrival is set on a solid and firm ground of confidence and unbridled hope for years to come. I would especially recommend it to young ladies who are ready for their Rights of Passage. "Leap the Wild Water" is a book which should be in the home of every mother who loves and wishes to communicate openly and honestly with their daughter to establish a new tradition breaking the bonds of silence which have been held for so very long in so many families. They were in mine. "Leap the Wild Water" will set many a soul free. Thank you Jenny for writing this book. Thank you for gifting us all with your vision and speaking out in a room many have not the courage to even whisper in. 

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