Friday, November 29, 2013

"A Peacock's Love Vows"

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Excerpt from the book:

"A Peacock's Love Vows"

A Goddess
A Goddess would not shrink from your sight, my Love, as I have done,
She being well above the loftiness of Her human counterpart, the woman,
Yet, I have so shamefully bowing not for fear the fury love brings in it's coming,
The silence which grows on mossy walls hangs in my mind often times,
I pluck it from it's crevice and wear it about my shoulder as a shawl,
Strolling this lonely garden of my own making barefoot in my frozen winter,
This same white nightgown you left me in slung weary about me shivers,
Yet, I feel not the sting of biting cold, only your love bites can I recall,
My feet purple like the roses we plucked by the stream in August,
The plums we shared at the market before paying and were chased away,
This smile I wear seems out of place with my costume of memories,
My parasol of the Japanese Maple I forget to water by the goldfish pond,
For want of finding your reflection next to mine before the fall leaves fell,
These gloves of pasted petals from all our bouquets now dropping along the path,
Oh that they were bread crumbs leading me back to you and your open heart.
The case which held your pillow adorns my head tied below my tiny chin and lonely lips,
A ribbon run through in the color I last remember your sighs bringing shyness to bare,
I run my fingers along the now barren branches of the hedges which make up our maze,
Your laughter echoes ahead somewhere in it's matrix grooved recallings of playtime,
I stop, closing my eyes, and turn my mind towards the wind hoping for your scent once again.
© 2013 C.D.D. All Rights Reserved

From "Beloved"

When All Is Said

When all is said and yet so much is left undone, whom so ever sets free the ashes of this vessel I have animated with my essential expressive care,
there will be a single note sounding in the air,
chiming the name which whispers felt the lust for when my hair was tousled down at midnight to receive the combing of your gentle fingers,
the reason your roses remained open to capture the sweet vibration of echoing songs you sang upon their petals' palette,
what dreams remain to carry on, what love still aches until the dawn of yesteryear's tomorrow born,
all tears you dried without their being seen, the wishes left behind in cookie jars on parchment scraps, in Bible leafs, in worn ribbons tied about my neck cupped deftly by your hands,
Caution shall stop His hurried rushing shuffle noticed and remove his hat bowing as your Earthly mention drifts by,
the Phaery Land singing in Underwordly harmony the chorale symphony my heart yet holds for lives to come,
and love will kiss the winds again.

© 2013 C.D.D. All Rights Reserved

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Heralds sent black dragons out stalking the crags you've sought for comfort,
The wells depth of razor mage meadow lands bellow,
Unreachable by beast or fair maiden in some swallowed tomb,
Would the sacrifice stand a chance as you have making the descent?
Mirror mines reflect your self proclaimed madness,
A plague of wishes you collected in granite grenching boxes,
When they told you sweet voices had all betrayed the world,
It was a lie ...
We feed the beast spun sugar mandelbrots by day's dawning,
And sleep coiled in their spiny scaled tails pinched not,
When Nightime falls from halo rims of shadowed reminders,
It can all be won again with love.
Spells are simple tasks to trance the masses mugged mouths,
Mindless puppet trudging towards surrender,
Truth is along side to guide light to your keep,
Ale and cakes for the deities who surely guard your gates.
How have you fallen on such a silence,
Come walk with me along this holding path,
Blessed in long seasons of the Sun's seeking warmth,
Out of this dismal bleak.

 © 2013 C.D.D. All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Receiver

I take the receiver to bed with me,
hope to catch you can't return,
from where they hoped to send me,
with the blue pill,
makes me sleepy bowed alone,
even though today I had not taken,
it's just the sadness,
just the madness,
of the pain of being hit,
by my soul self,
when I was you,
Tho' no one is to blame,
We were ferried cross those waters,
fateful married long ago,
It's rather funny ... maybe tragic,
but the same thing in the Sun,
how you love me, not my body,
not my falseness nor my face,
succor slices calm the clamor,
pretty eyes fall on cold clay,
I've dreamed that Christ must forgive roses,
to heal my mind from your illusions,
when belief was only winter stains,
I hear my crystals are aligning,
feel their fragrant casts refrain,
my soft white legs long beside,
the ocean's wild horse tidal salt minding,
for how I'll tell you,
how refreshing God has been,
in returning us to the grain,
The song begins now in the wrinkles,
around my eyelids then descend,
can you see them in the picture,
the one I posted,
while I was sleeping on that train,
North bound for Heaven, the Arctic circle,
pillows weeping blue hand stains,
they teach us violence in the womb,
when screams are painted there with flowers,
cause convictions growing rooted,
by the color of our name,
we are the warriors,
hearts our daggers,
dungeons huddled in the corner,
have my lanterns,
I won't need them,
I think I'll just burst into flame.

 © 2013 C.D.D. All Rights Reserved

Saturday, November 2, 2013