Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Stranger Song by Leonard Cohen

At times. music expresses all we are experiencing so succinctly our words would seem the distant disappearing constancy of the train the stranger boards. My mind has been singing this song all day. So, in the transparency of this sharing poetic experience. I am letting Mr. Leonard Cohen speak for me this evening. Perhaps, the haunting of this song will take the train as well. May you all have a most blessed and loving week ahead.
Peace, Carla

Sunday, October 12, 2014

My Angel

My Angel

He is my angel, though he has no real idea why I see him this way. He can't begin to understand where I am or what I deal with in my life. It's my life. I am glad of heart he is blessed in these ways. I do not know how he found me, sitting by the side of the garden as I was, only that God must have pointed him in my direction. It's not that I need saving, I am like everyone else looking for that other half I got separated from when I fell from Heaven. It is that I feel whole when he speaks to me. I know the peace I have sought my entire life when we smile together. I crave his affection. I long for his kisses. I want to overcome myself because he would appreciate the efforts made. I detach myself from fears and I soar beyond limitations. Yet, in a moment I can crash back to Earth and be the volatile woman I am caught in the snares of that which I have not yet overcome. Some of us are blessed. Some of us are burdened. I have received both. I live to balance my loads and my lightness in such a way Maat might allow me to pass someday. It is a fierce battle and I am a spiritual warrior up to the challenge. If only I could do it without his ever having to be touched by the fire and ice needed to conquer and cull. Perhaps, the love of angels was meant for other angels. I am not sure of this. All I know is there is nothing in this world more precious I have ever known.
© 2014 Carla Dawn Dunlap All Rights Reserved

A Broken Doll

A Broken Doll

How do we become these broken dolls?
Unable to glue porcelain piece together again,
We can face the world with china painted smiles,
Yet, in the night they grow so thin and pale.
The cracks in our face revealed by moonlight,
Those the Sun hides beneath powder pressed,
Our cheeky rouge then wilted roses,
The music box unwound. 
© 2014 Carla Dawn Dunlap All Rights Reserved

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Owl Speaks of Change

The Owl Speaks of Change

The owl speaks outside the passing midnight tinged window panes of my water color womb ... the hiss of this Dawn's blood moon still tangled in the hooked prongs of her wing feathers ... all meant to catch our conscience when we ourselves talk in the fitful forgiveness of our sleep ... when we confess blue madness to Morpheus at the foot of his throne ... it is the change she preaches which stops my breath ... which causes leaning and the tilt of flowing soft curls to caress my bare shoulders, brush my breast, my hands cradling my heart ... my memory rifles through the lace ground layers of my silk skirt for clues ... a charm to scent the waterfall and moss to hide my muse safely in ... warm and well nourished ... the circle about me now closing in as wolves will ... wearing down a dainty fawn, heading her to where the alpha waits ... only to relent the first thirst to him alone ... cascading pink snows ... she has flown now, to the birch and the willow of the lakeside, there to sing and share my looking glass lantern fates with all the watchers of the woods. 
© 2014 Carla Dawn Dunlap All Rights Reserved

The last few days I have been bitten bu the Autumn writing bug ... It is the time of year when all blessings seems to flow and aren't necessarily connected to the definition of Who I AM. None the less, it is an amazing experience and I am humbled by it every time I am the vessel.
Brightest Blessings,
Carla Dawn

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Surrendering at the Gates Where Dreams Die

Surrendering at the Gates Where Dreams Die

The brilliance with which the white shone hot moon foretold your retreat was ominously stark in it's crystal bell jar death toll crescendo ... the rarity of it's spoken glass whispers taking me off guard, icicle stakes of filament follicles raising hairs on the back of my neck ... me, stepping out on to the vacant path as I had ... confident in your devotion for me, the stones passing over each other with such ease beneath my weight ... It was the exact form of insanity sworn to through looking glass hazel eye anklets riveted to romance ... a wine goblet tourniquet tubular slow bleed of a real part of the soul your sacred~less salvation will drain dry ... in words... in trust ... in humiliation of the temple harlots you flog at will for their frailty ... Now daunted by day light's candy castle craven to be your lotus blossom ... revealed a petal at a time in the candle of the sky's glow, the grape to know me as child and woman alike ... fruits of the God's lips mingling in suckling songs at morning ... palm pressing painted pain to the river horses' dungeon ... tracing me with every line you had begun to speak and found trailing off to dwell in ice slag havens ... surrendering at the gates where dreams die for lack of believing.

© 2014 Carla Dawn Dunlap All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Joy to the world ...

Life is seldom what you thought it would be having arrived here at this point.
As my spiritual teacher says ...
Expectations are real killers :) 
I still want the same things in many ways as I did as a child,
Love and Peace
Respect and Devotion
Kindness and Care
Compassion and Understanding
Fair Treatment and Acknowledgment
I want to give these things in return
also without prompting from the sincerity of my heart ...
Possibly the most important part and the most difficult for many of us is
Giving and Receiving freely ... something we all need to work on.
Sometimes it simply is a process that is a whole lot of work.
"I never understood a single word he said but I helped him drink his wine "
Consider the "Wine of the Mystics" when listening to this song if you will, please.
My favorite song as a little girl. I would sing it all the time ... :)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Prayers and Healing

Prayers and Healing
I am late in posting. It was a busy work day and longer than expected. Today was not about me at all and thus this post is not either except as a way of asking all of you to send prayers and loving light to a friend who is ill tonight. I certainly would appreciate it if you could see your way to say and extra prayer or light one more candle at church tomorrow and send it out.  Itt doesn't matter your religion or lack there of healing is healing. Illness of the heart is such a sensitive matter. I have been through many long days and nights with my father when his heart was at risk. The love of family and friends is strong medicine. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
Namaste and Peace my friends.
Brightest Blessings and
Highest Love,
Carla Dawn

Friday, October 3, 2014

No Words

No Words
My sacred chamber must now a cloister be kept,
Never more seen nor scented of man,
His daggers dare the Autumn leaves,
Blush brightly as blood upon bladed trine,
Wedged upon the stones and roses soft,
Whispering ever so blissfully of how care,
Had only come to kiss a dream,
Woven of petal paste and moonbeams,
Ever reaching across the fields of white daisies,
She wore in chains about her crown when she smiled. 
© 2014 Carla Dawn Dunlap All Rights Reserved