Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

Merry Meet Everyone, Please excuse my long absence, I have been ill. I thank you all for your love energy and warm thoughts. I am on my way back. I look forward to catching up and making new connections going into the lovely Autumn and the New Year ahead. Love and Peace to you all.

To All Who are One in this Beautiful Sister and Brotherhood … Happy Halloween and May All Our Traditions and Souls Be Beloved and Blessed this and Every Night. Come, Greatest Peace, Come take our tiny hands to lead us to the Light We are seeking The Way as children seek this night’s sweets. It is our Divine Desire. Love each other and Lead A Way which will nurture … it is our purpose.

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Blessed Samhain Sabbat to Kith and Kin May the spirits find you kindly tonight and your New Year’s fire burn brightly in the halls of the All Father …

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Monday, August 31, 2015

Leonard Cohen Alexandra Leaving

Where do the human condition captured in this song go? 
Perhaps straying far from our souls. 
Be refreshed and drink from this well. Peace all. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Your Redemption An Utterance of Closure

Your Redemption
An Utterance of Closure

I had been to the trees since the break of day ... the mocking jay had come in a fit filled mid morning of my dreams ... to announce red ribbons had been tied to the thorns of the council trees at the bend of the river ... he had foretold such and thus I knew it to be true ... clear through to my spine ... with my scythe in hand, half empty of fear and half filled with the love I would need to carry you with me ... I rose and set out into the bitter morning just as the initial flaming splinter broke the horizon ... I spoke to Dawn's silence for us both ... my mossy eyes falling on the cardinal flags as I breached the cresting hills ... A heart too broken to feel the thorns ...  I disrobed and adorned my body with only your bright banners ... wading out into the icy waters ... searching for any cause to offer homage ... I invited the roaring current to carry your redemption home ...

#NaPoWriMo 22
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You say I work too much ...

You say I work too much,
But I can't get enough work done,
To get me close to you,
There aren't enough hours in the day,
Or moments in the brief time we exchange,
To soak you up so I won't dry out,
So, I won't need to come for another drink of you,
I try to lasso the sun and stop it from setting,
Everyday it drags me down with it,
Into the night of I have to go now,
Tomorrow is coming,
There is not stopping it.
At least I know each day,
The light had to pass through you to get to me,
Can we at least share the moonlight?
#NaPoWriMo 21
  © 2015 Carla Dawn Dunlap All Right Reserved

Monday, April 20, 2015

Was I dreaming of the snails or were the snails dreaming of me?

Was I dreaming of the snails or were the snails dreaming of me?
It will be a long ordeal now... this arriving at the door of happiness ... silver has been sold for you, Mountain Man ... that would never have been gifted to another not even in death ... yours was the most sacred of trusts ... Do we heal from the inside out where the soul light stirs closest to the truth of our wounds ... or from the salves of the world's doing ? ... it is in joining that we heal ... it has always been ... the thirst for your mouth deeper still budding in the furrows of my heart song ... to be inundated by how we laughed at our human cleverness ... Tumble tossed key, locks scramble ordered before Alexander or Napoleon ... either yield the same solutions ... break us all by the years ... by the thousands and we will bow still and justly before the Law of the King of soul ... Lavender scented skin and the way my hair would have fallen about your face... when the world was lost Eleventh Universe electric slow ride ... Home ... you are my home ... dreams to awakening ... hope to tears ... and such blessed growth for which I am ever thankful ... yet, ... today, I remain homeless.

 #NaPoWriMo 20
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Sunday, April 19, 2015

The mosses are thick with Spring's coming ...

The mosses are thick with Spring's coming ... they horde themselves in great colonies along the ridges of the exposed quartz veins near the western wall ... to the great forest they abide within they are a diminutive aspect ... yet their canopy harbors a world only a changeling holds the riddle tongue to ... nearby blooms a hillside spread of Aud Man's Bells spread out just shy of a phaery's foot apart ... and as far as one's eyes can see ... neon purple nodding nectar fountains ... their blue eyed blossoms hanging heavy with the first feast for the army of Bumble Bees since last fall ... they are amassed around the perimeter of the great circle surrounded with wild bleeding hearts ... Dutchman's Britches ... the pink of infancy still upon them ... the Queen butterfly passes by in pairs pausing to sip from the flower fountains before being on her way ...
#NaPoWriMo 19
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My Day 18

My Day 18 ... I apologize for not keeping all of you good people read. I will catch up as soon as I can. My Grandma Hayes used to say, "When the leaves on the oak trees are as big as a mouses' ear, then you can take your leaves away from the plants and cinder blocks of the house. Before that and you'll kill all your lady bugs." She was so wise about these things. She grew a yard full of flowers that people from all around came to buy.
My folks grew up close in location, around Poplar Bluff, Missouri. I am thinking of Grandma, my mother's Mother today because my father is burying his brother Earl today.  Earl used to go over to Grandma's and help with all sort of things. He'd help Grandpa put up firewood from a tree they took down. Fix anything they might need. Stop in and check on them or just stop by for a visit.
The days of people being so close is gone. The world is so scattered and it seems we are all strangers to each other in many ways. I treasure my memories of Uncle Earl and how he used to tickle us silly, bring us cold watermelons, and teach us how to spit a mouth full of seeds, let us ride in the pig feed out to the back woods to feed the pigs so long ago. Grandma Dunlap still had chickens then and my those eggs were amazingly good on a cold morning.
He was a funny man and told the silliest jokes. Always said ,"You'all come back real soon and see us ok?" and he meant it. He will be missed and remembered as one of the kindest people I ever had the good fortune of meeting let alone having as my uncle.

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It was you, dark glint of Love's light, who asked to see my palm ... who read it , sight unseen, through the fiddle back fronds of forever after ... the razor edge of your finger nail slicing my fate line in two ... it bled like a fermented pomegranate eager to burst from it's rind ... becoming shell in the eons it had waited for you to sky blind seek and find me ... to love even at the risk of one's own life is to coin change purse the soul, my love ... Baba will only laugh as my coins tumble glinting in the noonday's sun ... gold, silver, and copper chiming the song of the universe on their dancing down the stairs ... "Truth, Love, and Simplicity " alone ... how could I have forgotten myself so easily ? ... to relinquish my vogel of protection and hand my wings to you tied with pretty ribbons ... the grey spade you gave me and requested I start digging ... I knew it was a grave even then, yet for whom? ... My Self or My Sister ... she has eyes who hold a hundred hollow horrors ... oh, the displeasure of being my sister's keeper ... either way we are un~forgiven by you ... for not handing over the keys to some Verita's phantom maze ... I fall short of a feather gaining passage on your barge tonight ... Thus, I shall run with the dog men at the river come dusk ... and bleeding blue from the canker and the bramble dust ... sham shackle home to beat the dawn, to greet the dead in soul, in heart, and in dread.
#NaPoWriMo 17
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My world is slight compared to how you see your's ...

My world is slight compared to how you see your's ... I don't use comparisons in this way ... I greet them at my cottage door as a color, or flavor, or newly discovered exotic scent ... perhaps teal vivid with the attitude of butter scotch ... the scent of birch branches kissing moonlight on the sly out beyond the edge of the meadow ... where Merlot velvet evening gloves were left by a rusty haired Siamese warrior woman ... this in her haste to join hre love tryst with the ghost of  a negro slave man ... haunting this woods for 100 years now ... with nothing more than his loving leisure to gift the female persuasion  with his manly pleasures ... I want to go find him when the wind blows hot in the summer time ... rain soaked thunder promises of storms peeking in their operatic orgasms ... it is then time is cryptically shy this side of ever lasting and he runs thus ... when the owls scatter widely hunting the breath of the night to bind his sanity to the iron of the oak ... he calls baldly to the pitching boughs ... " Awake, my love I have been imprisoned in a death dream of your doing, Come take me home with you that I might in the bed of caresses awaken to leave this assured madness to the moon " ... I long to rush into his arms of vaporous electro illusion and absorb the pain this spectrous prison has held him in ... spell bound and splintered ... the teal of night soaking us up into the star dangling carelessness the day could not abide ... in the day his haunts are only shadows upon my body ... black stained thought remains my inner thighs ask politely to be marked by ... creasing imperfections from my sound bite scent remains ... for the pleasure of your touch falls as the lily gathers to her a light rain ... innocent in the liking ... pure in love so grace grants me the same sweetness as a babe... and I find a softness in my own heart which eyes take a care to notice well ...
 #NaPoWriMo 16
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It was in meeting you ...

It was in meeting you that my whole life began again ... It was in exploring your worth and your wealth I found myself once more ...  You are the mirror of my truth, you are the darkened hallway, and the candle of illumination ... my heart is warmed by you and it is you who causes my blood to run cold ... I dream through every night you lend me ... I dance across only your floors ... You are my lover, my enemy, my counsel, and my voice in the meadow ... the stars are limitless when in yours ships I sail ... and it is in your arms I will slumber when the morning calls me home to lay you down again and be at rest ...
 #NaPoWriMo 15
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I am too thin as it is, my love, ...

I am too thin as it is, my love, ... yet you use your butterfly knife to cut me once again ... as if being rice paper sentiments blowing in a fortune cookie dream ... you found wrapped about the trunks of the heavy laden cherry blossoms ... on your way to Chinatown seeking for a paper doll replacement ... wasn't enough for you ... I am the wind's lover now ... and he will keep me for you ... until all time passes away...
#NaPoWriMo 14
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Arriving with the rose buds of compassion ...

Arriving with the rose buds of compassion ... cradled to my breast to hold back my pain ... arms crossed, tongue flat to the roof of my mouth ... impulse darting about behind my eyes ... a blank ivory ballerina awaiting the baton ... the stage set with only the dust of humility ... the audience consisting of fifth row center ... You, God, and a Reserved Seat sign resting quietly ... to your surprise there is only one act to the performance ... you look to God, he locks his lips, throwing away the key ... turning to the Reserved Seat, you seek to no avail ... I descend from the stage after my dance, kiss you, and give you the roses ...
 #NaPoWriMo 13
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The dit diddy datts of night's cool rains ...

The dit diddy datts of night's cool rains have only just begun to create their jazzy improvisations ... in sky lights streaking shaft hot tongues towards iron and copper Earth golems ... afternoon was blessed warm and the Sun met the lake with joyous play ... it was the eagles' first sighting of Floating Fox since the thaw of last winter's crystal coma ... his strength was apparent in both his ability to churn up the muddy bank and in the vibrancy of his colors ... he is now larger than any channel cat which dares swim in his school ... he is the master of these waters now ... they follow where he flows in reverence, not obedience ... the black of his koi legacy is far deeper ink than any of their native Mississippi ghost grey skins ... he is golden and marigold~orange with fire ... and to them, he must be surely be, the samurai fish come from legends told from the boat himself ...  Blue Ictalurus of the Small Waters ... he had witnessed such koi in the ancient spring pond ... from here his  father's fathers came... the old waters above the new born lake in which they all swam together now ... it was foretold one day an eagle would succeed in stealing Floating Fox from his spawn and spread ...  to this day not one mighty enough had come to bear a white head so fierce they could pierce the dragon scales of this other worldly warrior ... nor were they a match for him in mid air combat when the sharp talons of his whiskers stung them venomously ... and the beating of his mighty tail fins sent them into a downward spiraling  retreat ...
 #NaPoWriMo 12
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The Turkey Vultures have ceased their claiming ...

The Turkey Vultures have ceased their claiming of the two dead oaks at the head of the spillway above the bog ... it is decisive now that the woodpeckers can have them by day ... the vultures will have dark dominion over them ... rain from the fields above becomes mouthfuls rushing lust to reach more if it's self ... joining into one as the growing swell and then hover inside ceasing stillness ... the heat of Summer's panting evaporates their clamor clinging to the thickness ... sludge dangles in pod lure moss wads ... once more to find their origins and revival tent freedoms in the rain ... On duty, the two gold sheen hunch back hand maidens, left as guardians ... welcomed my sight and occurrence as I rounded the bend to cross over to the far bank ... at the least fifty more will join them by night fall ... for the nearby barn has become too small to hold their committee and flourish ... for the moment, the pair maintains their hold spying me rounding the bend below them ... the pearl white of their beaks staunch against how brilliant a rose red  their wrinkled faces are in the falling light ... as I thank them for their blessings, their presence being most auspicious, the song of the frogs nearby halts to a sudden silence with my words ... It is comforting to know the wood is awakened again ... preparing for the revels in a few short nights ... Phoebe will soon again be swelling near to full breech of birthing brightness ... all will be well ... to know in the briefest of days our sweet children in snail and skink will be wrestling in the morning leaves ... hunting tender hosta shoots, moss and morsel, blossom and bulb ...
 #NaPoWriMo 11
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If Not for Technology

It was in a dream somewhere I saw your face ... "like an ad in the old fashioned news", you'd say ... I watched you and read the posts on your page ... saw the pictures from your life ... listened to the tunes you would post ... I learned about what you did as a trade ... where you live, even saw the food that you ate ... One day I got bold and reposted a poem ... some whirling and twirling round something someone wrote ... truth is I forget the words or even the rhyme ... I just knew I couldn't waste any more time ... my heart was reaching inside of your walls, down the corridors, and hanging out in the halls ... I knocked on the door and when you opened it wide ... I fumbled and lost it and I dropped my pride ... I broke down and  choked up, yeah I spilled all the beans ... confessed and addressed and oh hell, I made a mess of everything ... too many phone conversations ... too many late nights burnt out ... so many things mistaken ... now we will never sort it out ... had our eyes met ... or we ever held hands ... had a simple good night kiss ... happened unplanned ... but things aren't done that way anymore ... there's no old fashioned love in store ... for dreamers like me who are caught in the belief ... if not for technology ... we might have been ... Mail Order Annie and her Handsome Dan.
 #NaPoWriMo 10
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Friday, April 10, 2015

It is most simple ...

It is most
simple and once more
the greatest test to be whole ...
a choice of who I am, from the time we are
born? ... the ever reaching ringlets of you and I ...
brushing each other's vibratory signature ... as fingerprints
in rain hand dancing blind ballets ... we will always arrive where we
began ... return to the doorway from which we entered this life ... nimbus
knelt and fetal felt in a womb wound humble grace ... spinning our childhood
charades crowned in laurels of dandelion chains ... these are the gold disks we
buy our fortunes with ... yet, we give ourselves to love one day ... silver circlets
on our fingers place ... for peace, for hope, for care's embrace ... through years
and lives the circles trace, enfold, include, and ever bring us back again ... our
Self, conception, spark and soul, the energy each light's breach holds ...
for we are born and made to last ... as ever love in a chamber of
another heart cast ... as you are mine, I am your's to be ...
Shall we ever encircle the love of We ... with all
the light we can bring to bear on
our life until our cirle
together shall
cease to be.
#NaPoWriMo 9
© 2015 Carla Dawn Dunlap All Right Reserved
My Circle elongated in translation :) Was to be a calligramme as to the Prompt for the day. 

When you found me ...

When you found me I was already broken ... thin shell held together by strands of sounds near echos ... those who had gone before you trailed behind them on their way ... some brittle tender stretched across trap doors you had ever code for ... others still supple and stinging stained in their newness ... your empathetic heart saw through all the webs ... my mask made merry eye maps ... the mirage in her desert of pink petal sands ... roses or rain remains the same ... you took out your sugar glue and pieced me together again.
#NaPoWriMo 8
   © 2015 Carla Dawn Dunlap All Right Reserved

The first golden sheen ...

The first golden sheen of Spring's lace has shown this evening upon the lipid pool of our lake's watery cheeks ... Mother Willow has awakened ... her olive skin both taunt and telling storie tales bark lines hold ... braille breath still till whispered ears buy eyes the right to read her history on the wind as well ... she is still growing strong from her grand mother's stump ... Earth torn by the great storm which took so many of them ... yes, even time will pause at it's mention ... can we put a price on such moments as these ... I pray, at times, these are the memories my heart will never let go of.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Volt

With shy warmth hidden in the splinters Dawn yawns to a waking thought … the volt spawn circlet their first flight from slumber post and pillar … wings wearing dew Night surrenders in his passing … that she shall ever know he is her only desire … soaked burden bound to roof or crag they cling … they are gullet thrust worshipers of the ancients’ golden orb … antecedent bound by blood and wake … here they wait in silent dance and conversations for her arrival … unfurling their silver brown fans faint for breeze and blessing … as she rises once more above the plains to burn off the foggy morn … less with the bright nub of her candle stick … than with the glow her smile reminds existence … when she laps his dewy gifts once more … and the children rejoice … beating bright winds beneath their wings … until they soar golden in her giving light.

#NaPoWriMo 6
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Monday, April 6, 2015

There is no room for me ...

There is no room for me ... for my ... for even these toes ... in the bathing of my past sins ... ritual preparation to enter your world ... Yet, I remain consumed by you ... Your memory preconceived    thoughts coiled about unforgettable prophecies ... the imagination of your scent bites is all I can think about ... I wanted your hands on me ... "The Gypsy's Wife" plays on the stereo for hours ... drill depth well brands of a mind whiskey drank deep ... dull and naked to the cold resolutions waiting ... a young soul~ed woman who still believes ... We are possible.

#NaPoWriMo 5
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Sunday, April 5, 2015

On The Mountain Top

The sun cast repentant closing day shadows ... across the window panes of the Library of Alexandria ... the fields of river blessed inundation ... the black betwixt amber caught ... craving soaks the mud red bank where in desire holds her icy breath ... clay clouds bank to the horizon pressing pursed against the plains false claim to be hillsides ... merely masking dreams with hope hampering joy ... of a sign, a symbol scrawled in Earth ... that there is a promise land out out beyond this pale painted hint ... open hearts make mauve and rosey pallor petal dreads bleed red ... beating brandish strikes at Summer songs that dare rejoices in ... on the mountain top. 

© 2015 Carla Dawn Dunlap All Right Reserved

Saturday, April 4, 2015

In you ...

In you I found,
All the truths,
Others only promised.

#NaPoWriMo 4

Going by the prompt for today. Write a love poem without all the trappings of such or the word Love. Anyone who knows my writing ... well,  For me this was a grace.
© 2015 Carla Dawn Dunlap All Right Reserved

the blind lantern: #NaPoWriMo 2015 no.4

the blind lantern: #NaPoWriMo 2015 no.4: photo by Joseph Louw © automation fingers  (if only james earl ray had had an ax  and an ox like paul bunyan) they

Minnie Toney

Grand Mother had white silver hair which lay upon her back,

A braid that grew thin when it was the end of her keeping,

She sat quiet mostly when we all came to visit her,

Not sure who each everyone belongs to anymore,

Yet, still she smiles and the light in her eyes is not gone,

Like the flower greeting cards she tapes to the hallway arch,

Since her stroke, now we are the only garden she has known,

She has been gone now for more than 30 years and we still,

Say her name, pretend she just stepped out into that garden,

There will come a day we will be blessed with her again.

#NaPoWriMo 3

© 2015 Carla Dawn Dunlap All Right Reserved

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I tried to share my sky with you ... a Milky Way unbroken basket handle shining ... the quiet of the night still, late, and so fresh with opening one can particle to pieces, if needs be ... You said I'd never truly see the stars ... until I saw them from the top of the Empire State Building ... on a clear and cold December night ... with you by my side, guiding me through the constellations ... one finger pointing towards the parables ... the other fumbling for the screw plate in hopes of tracing the key whole to my heart ... your pick is rusty and I would be difficult ... standing on the side which presents the most challenge ... nervous fingers slip tell ping on the concrete below turns my head ... the look on your face says it all ... I see what you mean now ...  the stars are within each of us.
#NaPoWriMo 2
 © 2015 Carla Dawn Dunlap All Right Reserved
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Thursday, April 2, 2015

In the East ...

In the East there lies a Mountainside ... drawn and rigid against the meadow daughter it shades from love until the noon of day ... Dawn sleeps there in his arms ... her warmth and light contained by the pitch of his ebony arc ... as he tucks her to his belly and shelters beloved nest from Night's cold lust ... In the day when she is flying, ever on copper wings, he scavenges for golden trinkets to bind about her fingers and wrists ... tattooing her with the molten metal alchemy of his love ...  when once again the starlight can be heard approaching the borders of mortal memory and order ... she relents and is enfolded again in his strength.
© 2015 Carla Dawn Dunlap All Right Reserved

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Winter Words

Winter words have been elusive lots ... jumbled time tumbling bronzed locks ... tethering heartbeats to your memory ... bell ship bound in some sunken grave of grey ground ... and  feather down dullard dreaming cartilage cast spinning on the ice ... frozen fronds waiting for the spring thaw ... like ancient love letters tucked in the cracks of a wishing wall ... to return to the dust you blew through those hollow haunts ... I kept the wine from freezing between my thighs ... though they were rosy enough in the beginning with out currants and lavender to share their spice ... it will be a good year to uncork the  secrets we stained so many a moment with ... let the butterflies drink all they will and carry you away on drunken wings ... that sad or silken sorrows shall visit no more the cobwebs or the broom.
© 2015 Carla Dawn Dunlap All Right Reserved

Friday, February 6, 2015

The Mathisen Corollary: Birthday of Bob Marley. Respect.

The Mathisen Corollary: Birthday of Bob Marley. Respect.: image: Wikimedia commons ( link ). February 06 is the birthday of Bob Marley, born this day in 194...

"Can you be loved ?" This is why I read this blog !!! Peace is possible. Peace is obtainable. Peace is not something of dreams. What are we willing to toil through? What are we willing to rise above? "Can you be loved?" Ask yourself ... Thank you, David. Your blog is healing our world. Peace to you.