Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Your Redemption An Utterance of Closure

Your Redemption
An Utterance of Closure

I had been to the trees since the break of day ... the mocking jay had come in a fit filled mid morning of my dreams ... to announce red ribbons had been tied to the thorns of the council trees at the bend of the river ... he had foretold such and thus I knew it to be true ... clear through to my spine ... with my scythe in hand, half empty of fear and half filled with the love I would need to carry you with me ... I rose and set out into the bitter morning just as the initial flaming splinter broke the horizon ... I spoke to Dawn's silence for us both ... my mossy eyes falling on the cardinal flags as I breached the cresting hills ... A heart too broken to feel the thorns ...  I disrobed and adorned my body with only your bright banners ... wading out into the icy waters ... searching for any cause to offer homage ... I invited the roaring current to carry your redemption home ...

#NaPoWriMo 22
  © 2015 Carla Dawn Dunlap All Right Reserved

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