Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

Merry Meet Everyone, Please excuse my long absence, I have been ill. I thank you all for your love energy and warm thoughts. I am on my way back. I look forward to catching up and making new connections going into the lovely Autumn and the New Year ahead. Love and Peace to you all.

To All Who are One in this Beautiful Sister and Brotherhood … Happy Halloween and May All Our Traditions and Souls Be Beloved and Blessed this and Every Night. Come, Greatest Peace, Come take our tiny hands to lead us to the Light We are seeking The Way as children seek this night’s sweets. It is our Divine Desire. Love each other and Lead A Way which will nurture … it is our purpose.

(Click pic for a musical treat)

Blessed Samhain Sabbat to Kith and Kin May the spirits find you kindly tonight and your New Year’s fire burn brightly in the halls of the All Father …

(Click pic for a musical treat)

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