Monday, April 18, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016 #14

{off prompt}
1454625_634342436609043_570995081_nOpen and Close of Day
The sunrise is the hue of pink champagne this morning ... the blessed first light most favoured breaths taken of the day ... it's blush, chasing a thin ribbon of periwinkle towards the evacuating night ... the shyest whispers of The Phoenix's burnt orange and cinnabar tail feathers ... peak out into the ocean of space patiently awaiting for it's moment to eclipse the bladed grass' shadow dance ... a brief lived reign in which an eleventh atmospheric parallel remains ...  stolen from pain ... Now, as I sit resting at days near end ... the West has swallowed up the day's lantern ... lichen wash water of the subtlest green shadows ... hold court behind the paper cut wall off  trees and time ... the sky has chosen aquamarine for his duster ... and marble cake of violets kissing  coral  remains as his waking tea ... 'tis ever the fewest moments of hushing as the night's shield approaches ... he hides behind this ancient armor watching Venus awaken ... yawning in her sea spun gown of illusion to meet again  the suitors of evening tide ... spoken of as Everafter, this is a peace all may know ... closed eyes and a deep inhale ... the music of souls becomes unmistakable.
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