Monday, April 4, 2016

NaPoWriMo #4

The Cruelest Month of All
Mankind, in all his glory, found it fit to define time ... to harness the blessed abandon grace, happening holds not the witness' wine ... with this his attempt to break the spirit of flow, as to bind it to reasonable heights ... declaring triumph over vast mountain peaks, some feat above ordinary minds ... he swallowed sound, clabbered chaos, indoctrinated the blind ... appointed gears, false hands, gold plate, and instrumental chimes ... to replace the cycle and rhythm of Mother Nature's mind ... 13 months he set forth to enslave, those he deemed to be lower class ... to serve, to rape, to plunder, to gash, the freedom of universal design ... in shackles and chains live man, woman, and child, their intellectual seasons now 4 by 3 ... to cause cellular holidays to be bred out of the beast ... forming worker hives and thought numb disease ... man is the cruelest to man you see, no matter what month it be ... a fabricated semblance, a mere slight, of all we were meant to be.
May we awaken once more ... moment by moment.
© 2016 cdd All Right Reserved

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