Thursday, April 7, 2016

(off prompt today)

Loosing Neo's Compass

Is loosing the belief in our own ability to transcend ...  the darkness in which we may force love to abide ... the greater lose felt as we witness ... our Self begin to pass through our own palms ... sands so parched for care and kisses now ... the oceans fear their request to be quenched ... lest the salts should harden as do hearts ... the grains never reaching landfall ... from between pressed and parted fingertips ... the breeze kidnapping their crystal core magnetic North ... carrying them home again ... we shall all return to Zion in the end ... or, accordingly, to the Hell of our own making ... would we choose a higher love having known this ? ... bound ourselves in the vows of watery devotion alone ? ... leaving trust behind in the armoury ? ... sacrificial lovers lips are the only truth we can sell ... to keep the condensation of lies from drowning us ... Are you dodging bullets yet, my darling, in your playtime black leather coat? ... Me? ... I am dancing to the endless silent beats of Zion's sleepless drums.

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