Friday, June 24, 2016

Puns and Punctuation

I used to come to the altar of offerings to bleed for you in single strands of my diluted blue blood punctuated elixirs ... finery frost and the web of maidenhair remembrances written on winds which slumbered while my heart made ready only that which would serve thee ... love was their carriage master ... It was in the winter nights I wandered ice ghost stone shell of a lover left in me ... East my feet blue as the vein untapped would creep ... to your window panes and brittle break upon their fragile pain as toe dance I would to see you pen ... bay tea and herb, parchments and hound ... yet, seldom was it you I found ... so in love with the moon you were that she had your gaze, your lips, the touch of that which goes beyond what most can bear or bare ... the pebbles I pelted upon our skull were never felt by your mortal core ... all the same you turned and smiled right through me ... 
© 2016 cdd All Rights Reserved

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