About my Self

About my Self ...

Carla Dawn Dunlap was born in Peoria, Illinois in 1964. She was writing poetry and creating visual art works before she ever went to school. Her love for poetry has never waned throughout her life. In her mid teens she began writing seriously and to this day the Poetry & Prose which she shares with the world are considered highly spiritual and sacred to her. As an Independent creator, her first four books of Poetry & Prose are self published on Amazon.com.
"I feel Leonard Cohen spoke to the often mystical interaction with the human soul in his acceptance speech for an honorary prize for poetry, to their Royal Highnesses of Asturias, when he said, " Poetry comes from a place that no one commands and no one conqueres." In this way I relate to the craft as "being in the flow of the happening beauty and universal interaction" rather than being the creator of the work. I often go back and read what I have written some what confounded by how it came from me. It is truly a blessing for me personally to be able to have the privilege of what ever it is I am doing here. Creating, sharing, gifting, or perhaps simply spreading light and love as I like to think of it. "

All Peace, Joy, and Love to you,
Carla Dawn

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